Lot 8 | 28 March 2021





B. Sarawak, 1939 – 2019

Palms, 2012

Signed, dated and titled “RSA 12 Palms” on lower right

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 46 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 3,000 – RM 7,000

Raphael Scott Ahbeng was born in Bau in 1939 and was one of Malaysia’s most renowned abstract artists. The late artist studied at the Bath Academy of Art in the UK and was known for his large canvases of nature. One might interpret this particular work entitled, ‘Bee’s Delight’ as a collage of flowers, or the artist’s rendition of it. He was also known for his strong, unique and individualistic personality.

Raphael was once a teacher, cartoonist and a radio producer before becoming a full- time painter. In this large acrylic on canvas artwork, Raphael depicts a garden of his own interpretation, using splashes of contrasting hues that somewhat work in sync with one another. Lined with bold black streaks and the overlapping shades of white, it’s a piece that can be easily appreciated.