Lot 76 | 6 September 2020


LOT 76


B. Selangor, 1963

Shih Chung Primary School 3, (Georgetown), 1999

Signed and dated “Haron Mokhtar 99” on lower left

Mixed media on canvas

47 x 32 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 1,000 – RM 2,500

Haron Mokhtar is known for his original use of space – and often, his compositions contain architecture at the top part of the canvas, and the people associated with said architecture at the bottom half, resulting in a substantial amount of empty space in between. In this piece, Haron illustrates a school – Shih Chung Primary School, and then leaves a whole space vacant in the middle with a painting of someone riding a trishaw looking at the school. With very little effort, Haron utilises the availability of space to link two different types of subjects on canvas. The choice of red hues suggest the time of the scenery took place after school during a sunset. There is a certain joy that comes off the work. As if greeting an ending to welcome another day, a new beginning.