Lot 70 | 5 March 2023



LOT 70


B. Johor, 1950

Hijau Series “Serkat”, 1998

Signed, titled, and dated “yusof ghani Hijau ‘SERKAT’ 1998” on verso

Oil on canvas

122 x 90 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 70,000 – 120,000

The series Hijau (beginning c.1998) consists of paintings that can be seen as abstract landscapes. These are influenced by an encounter Yusof Ghani first had in Sarawak; the sight of felled logs by a riverbank brought home the reality of the rape of Nature. The series does not comment directly on this matter. The works on nature’s beauty, however, remind viewers of the need to be eco-sensitive and safeguard the environment.