Lot 7 | 28 November 2021





B. Sabah, 1956

E.O.C Pilatong, 1992

Exhibited Previously by Shenn’s Fine Art Singapore in conjuction with Awang Damit Ahmad – Essence of Culture (Intipati Budaya) exhibition, 8th to 22nd April 1994

Acrylic on paper

76 x 57 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 18,000 – RM 35,000

Even without discovering the meaning and message behind Awang Damit, one is able to tell that this is a highly emotional piece, much like the rest of his works. That is what makes his paintings appealing in the first place, combined with the rare gift of artistry. The paintings speak to the viewer and make them feel something – sadness, anger, bitterness or all combined.

Those familiar with his works know that his works are always, always heavy with emotion, as if they carry the burden on one’s shoulders in canvas form. Bold and livid, the colours may intimidate the viewer, but grow slowly on them, engaging them for as long as possible. Awang Damit’s paintings can be considered to be an intellectual journey of sorts, as he progressed from his EOC Series into various others, constantly exploring, continuously learning and always expressing.