Lot 69 | 27 June 2021



LOT 69


B. United Kingdom, 1960

Bunny, 2017

Signed “Bromley” on lower right

Gouache and watercolour on French hand made artist paper

34 x 26 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 3,000 – RM 7,000

Every work done by an artist is an expression of their souls and for the past 20 years, Bromley’s artworks have expressed just that. His works have reaped widespread acclaim and notoriety in Australia and internationally. He has exhibited his masterpieces on nearly every continent including Asia, Europe, Africa and America. He once said that, “When I am in the studio, my mind and my brush travels through my imagination and I am in a place my dreams take me.” It is also through the creative lens of art and painting that all the characters and subjects from his works can still be portrayed from the garden of Bromley’s mind. The artist refers to his works as ‘pop sensibility’; it includes a love of fond images, photographic sources and mass media references. Bromley’s artworks revolve around three distinct themes: the first, being nude female portraits, the second, his children series, and third, his exploration of the world as we know it. His artworks portray his unique style of painting in which he explores various mediums that result in whimsical fruition. Bromley’s work is enduringly figurative, daringly coloured and executed with a graphic intention that is both striking and memorable.