Lot 66 | Auction XXXII

LOT 66

LOT 66


B. Sarawak, 1939

Sumbang Hillside Homes, 2011

Signed and titled “RSA ‘11 Sumbang

Hillsides Homes” on lower right

Oil on board

61 x 91 cm


Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 4,000 – RM 9,000


Raphael Scott Ahbeng has a particularly strong, individualist persona. He is mostly recognised for his energetic depictions of the Sarawakian rainforests and his bizarre interpretation of nature, making him distinct from his contemporaries. His abstract perspective of nature is not only robust, but unusual and odd to those who are used to naturalistic ways of painting them. The canvas is decorated through heavy, forceful movements of the brush, creating an impactful piece that cannot be overlooked. It is loud; it is vigorous and filled with artistic value. His visual renditions of Sumbang Hillside Homes turned out to be subtle hints of vibrant colours amid dark, muted tones, as seen in this piece. The elements of nature here are depicted in different colours, as if separated through categories.