Lot 60 | 28 March 2021



LOT 60


B.Kedah, 1962

Green Lane, 2020

Signed and dated “Rafiee Ghani 2020” on lower left
Titled “Green Lane” on lower middle

Watercolour on paper

76 x 114 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 10,000 – RM 18,000

Rafiee Ghani travels became his new teacher and muse. When he travelled, he often found inspiration in the most unassuming places. Amid the chaos, he found serenity and compassion. Evident in his bold use of colours and strokes to invoke a sense of optimism. Rafiee Ghani believes that art is not exclusive to the discerning eye, but feeling the artwork as one would hear music and be moved by it. His works are often filled with enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder.

Unlike most of his works, the inspiration for “The Garden Outside” was from his hometown in Kelantan. His intimism style, though, is still prominent in this piece. The forest that is no longer there today, was his favourite place to be in. As a child, Rafiee Ghani used to swim in the river with the other children after school. The work depicts a sense of nostalgia, longing, tranquillity and optimism. There is a subtlety to this piece in comparison with his other works. The bold strokes of colour was his way of conveying the brilliance of the local forest filled with natural colours to delight and excite.