Lot 59 | 3 October 2021




LOT 59


B. Perak, 1977

Young Hunter (Grace), 2005

Acrylic on canvas

137 x 275 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 5,500 – RM 10,000

The work of Yusri Sulaiman is a self-reflection; he expresses his thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and motivations through the medium of acrylic. His works act as a metaphor for his life; from childhood to adulthood, he is inspired by himself as a shy boy, rebellious youth and finally a confident family man. Illustrated here is a young cub, which feeds into the apt title, ‘Young Hunter (Grace), 2005, symbolising the journey of life and the cubs introduction to hunting, echoing the artist’s subconscious intentions and ambitions of his life.