Lot 55 | 27 November 2022



LOT 55


B. Hong Kong

City Life, City Lookout Series – Exploration III, 2004
City Life, City Lookout Series – In Blue and Red II, 2004
City Life, City Lookout Series – Sunlight I, 2004

Mixed media on paper

35.5 x 36 cm x 3 pcs

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 5,000 – 12,000

Born in Hong Kong, Frank Woo’s artwork shows an inspirational blending of traditional Chinese colours and textures mingled with modern art and raw emotion. He is a self-taught painter, trained in print-making in Hong Kong. His travels and burning desire for inspiration brought him to Japan, to Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College to complete his degree in illustration. Today, he resides in Malaysia where he expresses his artistic inspiration through both paint and sculpture. Distinctive brush strokes and drips, characteristic of abstract impressionism, give the illusion of chance and movement to his artwork. Meanwhile, each drip is highly deliberate, carefully placed and calculated to give the work the desired feel.