Lot 53

LOT 53

(B. Kelantan, 1934)

Nude Movement, 1981

Ink on paper
21 x 30 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur
Illustrated on page 81 of “MALAYSIAN GEMS” exhibition catalogue
Published in 2011 by KL Lifestyle Art Space

SOLD – RM 3,696

Simplicity mixed with sophistication is what Khalil Ibrahim’s sketches on paper are usually like. Something so straightforward and uncomplicated such as these ink drafts of nude bodies in motion are positively packed with aesthetic value.

These explorations of the contours, curves, crevices and shapes of the human body are the main focus, and the admiration for these figures is translated onto canvas by the artist himself. In these sorts of drafts, faces are often left blank or cut off from view, as he brings focus mainly on the exquisiteness of the body. Khalil Ibrahim’s artistic prowess made it so that a piece as uncomplicated as this still has that ability to look surreal and otherworldly. It is a quiet, serene admiration of the human figures, as well as the artist’s insight and knowledge of the human body.