Lot 52 | Auction XXIV


LOT 52

B. Johor, 1950

Siri Tari – Drawing/90, 1990

Signed and dated on verso

Mixed media on paper

45 x 60 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur
Comes with KLAS certificate signed by the artist

RM 4,000 – RM 7,000


The figure, seen as a formative generator and embodiment of movement is radically altered by
Yusof Ghani. He dismantles and transforms them into planes of colour and curving lines. They are almost forceful, and at times, even awkward. Graphic components – consisting of straight and curving lines as well as cross-hatching clusters, are
dominant and profuse.

The juxtaposition of this piece is as so – as if all the movements involved in the piece are converging towards a meeting point, even while they maintain their own distinct space and characteristics. It is the bridging of realism and abstraction.

Yusof Ghani was born in 1950 in Johor and used to frequent a small movie theatre as a young boy, where he developed a predisposition towards painting. Most notably known for Abstract Expressionism, his other popular series are Topeng, Wayang, Segerak and Biring.