Lot 52 | Auction XIV

LOT 52

(B. China, 1932)

Untitled, 1966

Signed and dated “LaiTong 66” on lower right
Oil on masonite board
79 x 61 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

SOLD – RM 25,760

“I presume I was born with the ability to draw. I remember when I was a child; whenever I was free I liked to draw on paper or on the wall. But back then I didn’t know what an artist was, as there were not any schools or movements or anyone I knew that had something to do with art. That was until I received an American scholarship and subsequently studied art in London – I accidentally happen to be an artist today.”

Through art, Laitong induced deep reflections and timeless consciousness. There is an East-meets-West approach in his works, as his layering, contrasts of colours, markings and subsequent masterpieces make it possible for the viewer to interpret them at so many different levels. He is also said to be an artist that goes by instinct, and his canvases are the result of the expression of his emotions.