Lot 51 | 28 November 2021



LOT 51


B. Penang, 1924

Rebat Musician, 1963

Signed and dated Zakariah Noor 63” on lower right

Oil on board

72 x 45.5 cm

Private Collection, Canada

RM 1,500 – RM 4,500

Born in Penang in 1924, Zakariah Noor is very actively involved in the development of Malaysian arts and culture where he is known for his paintings while he is also a very respected writer in literature and poems. He obtained his Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and later completed his Masters degree. He then further enhanced his academic qualifications when he completed his Masters in Art History at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico. He then completed his PhD in 1991 at Harvard University. In this painting, Zakariah beautifully paints a rebat musician with bright hues as the base of the artwork remains dark, allowing the musician to fully shine.