Lot 50 | Auction XXII

LOT 50

B. Penang, 1976

Malaysian Breeze 2.1, 2003

Lasercut mild steel

60 x 120 x 3 cm x 6 pieces

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

Comes with a certificate from the artist

RM 22,544.00

“My work is derived from what could be and what exists – what is meant to be experienced and what is actually felt. Imagination and reality.”

Multhalib Musa, like many other sculptors, is ongoing in their pursuit to find that one point between balance and flight for the sculptures. Through the integration of technology and inspiration, and ongoing debates of the tangible versus the intangible, a new complex relationship between art and architecture is nurtured. After all, for the longest time, art has always been thought to have a correlation with architecture.

This piece employs a combination of geometry, mathematical equations and the technology of laser-cut machines. The Malaysian Breeze 2.1 contains 6 pieces of distinct-shaped laser-cut metal sculptures, when combined and affixed still on the wall, emit a unique kinetic ability to the overall visual. The master craftsman is known for his ‘fluid metal sculptures’, and this piece is one of his earliest and most important private commissions by the Kuala Lumpur Hilton in KL Sentral, which has been mounted on their lobby lounge double-volume wall for over ten years. Presently, the Malaysian Breeze I can still be seen hanging there.

Muthalib Musa was born in Penang in the year 1976. He has always been interested in drawings and has won many competitions as a child. The most important and recent competition that he took part in was the Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition and the Open Competition at the Fumio Asakura Memorial Park in Oita, Japan where was the Malaysian nominee and the Asian finalist. His background in architecture pushed his career into that of a sculptor.