Lot 50 | Auction XVII

LOT 50

(B. Johor, 1955)

Zebra, 1980s

Signed “ahmad” lower right
Mixed media on paper
19 x 31 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 4,500 – RM 7,000

“Really a lot of artists can’t explain their work not because they’re not intelligent or they don’t know but simply because they think visually; they don’t think in words. It’s more of a visual intelligence.”

With an air of enigma teamed with a flair for the arts, Zakii created this masterpiece. “The concept of art-making has not changed for me,” said Zakii, “I need to get excited about a subject and “feel” it in order to paint it. The result must be subliminal, to reach a state of one-ness with whatever that I’m going to create.”