Lot 50 | Auction XIV

LOT 50

(B. China, 1905-1998)

Bird, 1981

Inscribed with a poem and signed, with three seals of the artist
Dated winter, eleventh month, xinyou year (1981)
Ink and colour on paper
94 x 60 cm

Private Collection, Kedah

AVAILABLE – RM 65,000 – RM 95,000

This ink and colour depicting a bird perched on a tree branch is another masterpiece by Chinese ink virtuoso Zhao Shao’ang.

The misty and monotonous effect as well as the differences in intensities of the ink through the use of the traditional Chinese ink a visual treat and a showcase of Zhao’s talent. Paintings done with Chinese ink are definitely something to behold, and this is demonstrated by this remarkable composition.

Zhao Shao’ang was born in 1905, and studied painting at the Gao Qifeng Private College of Art. Thereafter, he taught at the Foshan College of Fine Arts in 1927. He founded the Lingnan Art Studio in Guangzhou in 1930, and served as the head of Department of Chinese Painting at the Guangzhou Municipal Collge of Fine Arts in 1937. Inspired by Gao Qifeng, Zhao excelled in portrayals of landscapes, animals, flowers, insects and fish.