Lot 48 | Auction XXXVIII



Lot 48


B. Singapore, 1945

Heart of Kathmandu, 1994

Signed and dated “K.Seng 94” on lower right

Acrylic on canvas

130 x 180 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Singapore
Formerly in the Private Collection of a Distinguished Collector in Jakarta, Indonesia.

RM 90,000 – RM 150,000

Merging concepts with finesse of execution, Ong presents an exquisite rendition entitled the Heart of Kathmandu, 1994. Possessing an ethereal quality, the painting is flawless in flow and appropriation of light. The artist boasts his masterful strokes and immaculate detailing. As an en plein air painting, Ong brilliantly grasps his subjects, stays true to its nature and portrays it for his viewers. Intrigue builds as you step closer to examine the painting, revealing the simple beauty offered by the heart of Kathmandu, almost as if one is standing right there. An earthy, muted palate becomes the painting, used to capture the derelict buildings and the quotidian routine the Nepalese.