Lot 48 | Auction XVIII

LOT 48


B. Melaka, 1955

Lembah Energi Merah… Menanti Keajaiban No. 2, 2010

Signed “Ismail Latiff” on lower right Signed, titled and dated on verso

Acrylic on canvas
87 x 65 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 12,000 -RM 16,000

“ … one of the greatest escape artists ever to wield the brush. Ismail is the realm of the enchanted and the enticing, a utopian world built on love, beauty, purity and power.” – Ooi Kok Chuen, art critic.

Ismail Latiff’s artworks are always so vibrant, alive and energetic. With a harmonious blend of every colour that ever existed, it results in a masterpiece of motion-on-canvas. These are the types of sceneries that one encounters only in dreams or in the figments of the imagination, but very difficult to put into words and even tougher to revisualise.

Colourful and voluminous, misting colours are everywhere as they move ever-so-grandly. Ismail Latiff’s circle of balance is placed in the top middle of the canvas, to symbolise the search to become one with the cosmos.

Ismail Latiff is a Melaka-born artist who trained formally in arts at MARA Institute of Technology. His artworks of both the mystical and abstract kind are known locally and internationally. Having started off his career in advertising before switching to fine arts, his philosophy of life and work is “Art is Life and one of the best introduction to art is Nature.”