Lot 47 | 20 February 2022




LOT 47


B. Penang, 1938

Island House, 1970’s

Signed “Tay Mo-Leong” on lower left


61 x 91 cm

Private Collection, Switzerland

RM 15,000 – 35,000

Known for his innovative double-resist process on batik painting, Dato’ Tay Mo Leong creates this arresting vision. Charming and exquisite, it engages the viewer for long moments before they comprehend that this piece is an encapsulation of the charm of the rustics. He cleverly combines the elements of space, form and colour to work magnetically with one another, as he captures a a wooden Minangkabau-looking house on stilts, surrounded by water and fishing boats The crackling lines of the batik that decorate the piece here and there prove as a striking combination with the setting, making this truly an exquisite piece. Dato’ Tay Mo Leong was born in Penang in 1938. He studied art at the Provincial Taipei Normal College (Fine Art) in Taipei from 1957 to 1960.