Lot 45 | Auction XVIII

LOT 45


B. N. Sembilan, 1949

Interior With Round Mirror

Inscribed “129/150 Interior with Round Mirror Taj” with seal of the artist on bottom of paper

33 x 33 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 1,000 – RM 1,800

“A simple square can be exciting. In the early days I used squares and boxes to create my works. That’s why I called them boxscapes (a landscape of boxes). They were all based on the grids, on lines. How lines confine space, build space and break free from space. In such simple exercises, we can create something poetic out them too,” said Tajuddin.

If one is familiar with Tajuddin’s works, it is discernible that there is order and a proper alignment no matter how chaotic the colours, sketches and combinations are. This is because the artist believes that grids are important in every composition.