Lot 45 | Auction XV

LOT 45

(B. China, 1941)

Ducks, Undated

Signed “Yang Zhengxin” with one seal of the artist on lower right
Ink and colour on paper
43 x 66 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

AVAILABLE – RM 11,000 – RM 18,000

Chinese classical paintings are very beautiful in their simplicity and the subsequent complexity of the techniques used to create artwork so simple. Essentially using the same techniques as calligraphy, the brushstrokes are used meticulously and delimits details very precisely. As in this painting, it shows that there is always beauty in uncomplicatedness, how Yang Zhengxin effortlessly paints on floating ducks, with slashes of black lines and coloured ink blobs representing the flowers and plants that surround a pond. It is easy on the eyes due to the pure, modest colours and the amount of space gives it an air of serenity and of peace.

Yang Zhengxin graduated from Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Painting Department of Fine Arts and is the executive director of the Chinese Painting Art Committee, and a part-time professor at Shanghai University. He is an artist of Rank 1 of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Painting Academy.