Lot 44 | Auction XXXVI





LOT 44


B. Singapore, 1945

Arrival at Corio Bay Geelong, 1990

Signed, titled and dated on lower right

Watercolour on paper

28 x 38 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Singapore

“I have to feel a place before I paint it. If I have good feelings for a scene – just as I may have good feelings for someone I meet – I know I’ll have the will to paint it well. For me, and for all painters, I believe, inspiration comes naturally when there’s a link between the artist and his subject,” Ong Kim Seng said. Splendidly done with only the use of watercolour, Ong Kim Seng captures here a scenery at Geelong Corio Bay. Gorgeous on its own due to the exemplary use of watercolour as well as the balance between subject and space, this piece really is truly unique and stunning. Ong Kim Seng was born in Singapore and has been a full- time artist since 1985. Among the awards that he has won from the American Watercolour Society are the Paul B. Remmy Memorial Award in 1983, the Luc B. Moore Award in 1988 and the Clara Stroud Memorial Award 1989, just to name a few.