Lot 43

LOT 43

B. Kelantan, 1928-2006

Colourful Fishes, 2000

Signed and dated “Yusoff Abdullah 2000”
on lower left
111 x 62 cm

Private Collection, Kelantan

SOLD – RM 8,960

Yusoff Abdullah treads into the realm of abstract this time, after having created many masterpieces with the countryside as his subject.

This hypnotizing piece reminds one of stained glass windows, what with the convoluted lines, design as well as the subject of fish that are amalgamated into one so gracefully. Lines upon lines meet and cross each other and each space and figure that is created out of those intercrossing lines are then decorated with different colours and patterns. The ultimate hint to this subject is the eyes that gaze back at the viewer, finally revealing that the subject of this piece is fish. Wonderfully and colourfully done, this shows that the most beautiful of art arrangement can be created out of the simplest of things, as shown by the genius artist himself.

Yusoff Abdullah was inspired by his teachers from the tender age of ten and he became a teacher after finishing school. He started mixing his art expressions and his passion for teaching, and in turn, he was bestowed the State Level Guru Aktif Art Teachers Award in 1984 in acknowledgement of his contribution the Art Education.