Lot 43 | Auction XIX

LOT 43

B. Johor, 1950

Siri Segerak “Y1” & “Y3”, 2005

Signed and dated “YG 05” on lower right
Signed and titled on the reverse

Mixed media on canvas

51 x 25.5 cm x 2 pieces

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 16,000 – RM 24,000

Yusof Ghani’s fascination with the human form has seen him move from his first series, Siri Tari where he combined abstract expressionism with figuration to make some strong socio-polital statements on humanitarian issues. In Segerak, he reexplores the theme of figures, but in a more calmer nature and less aggressively – philosophically, so to speak.

In many of his Segerak pieces, the works contain a personal story and/or reflect upon the good and evil in our world today. Although, Segerak’s themes are somewhat mellow in comparison to those represented in Siri Tari, the works are no less energetic, and contain a vibrancy that have taken his works to a new level.

Using a combination of mediums, from charcoal and chalk to pastels and oil paint, he has employed a variety of spontaneous marks and lines to document human movement. With broad, confident brush strokes he applies varying layers of colour and intermittent expressive lines to his canvas to capture the mood, feeling and atmosphere of the story he is trying to tell.