Lot 39 | Auction XVIII

LOT 39


B. Kuala Lumpur, 1934 – 1997

Masjid, Undated

Inscribed “2/8 Masjid Ahmad Khalid Yusof” on bottom of paper

Edition 2/8
43 x 56 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kelantan

RM 1,800 -RM 2,500

“The architechtonic, taut, square framing of Ahmad Khalid’s work reinforces the resoluteness of his canvases’ appearance and format. The flatness of colours and the controlled handling of chromatic tonalities create tension on the surface structure. Such a strategy reflects an approach towards artmaking which takes from both Islamic and contemporary aesthetic concepts. The structured pictorial surface yields gentle rhythms, reminding viewers of the doctrine, discipline, civility, brilliance and legacy of Islamic culture.”

Ahmad Khalid Yusof goes back to basics, to where he gets his inspiration for art, and this is his ode and homage to that inspiration.

Known as the foremost Malaysian artist using khat calligraphy technique in his
painting practice, Ahmad Khalid breaks away from the prevailing style of Abstract Expressionism with his Alif Ba Ta series, skillfully developed from 1971.

The two key elements in his works are the choice of khat motifs as pictorial forms and the dimensions of his pictorial method. Rhythmic optical images are transformed in his compositions which essentially originated from the art of khat. Upon viewing Ahmad Khalid’s pictures, one’s perceptual sense is instantaneously aroused as he transports the viewer into a meditative sensory experience, as seen in this mosque print.