Lot 38 | Auction XVIII

LOT 38


B. Johor, 1950

Siri Hijau, Undated

Signed “YG” on lower right

Mixed media on canvas
28 x 33 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 6,000 – RM 9,000

Yusof Ghani’s expressive works raise an artistic platform to voice external issues such as social or cultural transformation. Yusof Ghani is also a tireless traveller. His journeys around the world have been a source of inspiration rather than exhaustion; and he is likened to a wave: keeps moving relentlessly from shore to shore. It is no coincidence that his latest series is called ‘Ombak’.

This series brings us back to Yusof Ghani’s roots in abstract expressionism as well as where he was born, as he was used to his upbringing near the seas. His waves, as seen in this piece, are not gentle but they seem to pull the viewer in, mesmerizing them yet slightly intimidating them. It is hypnotizing yet fully abstract, very raw and real, yet has subtle hints of unrest.