Lot 37 | Auction XVIII

LOT 37


B. N. Sembilan, 1949

Interior With Red Painting

Inscribed “128/150 Interior with Red Painting Taj” with seal of the artist on bottom of paper

33 x 33 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 1,000 – RM 1,800

As an artist trained in Interior Architecture, Tajuddin Ismail certainly knows what difference the balance between form, colour and space will make to a masterpiece.

Tajuddin’s works are systematically executed, with precision and absolute care for neatness. Using heavy blocks of cool colours, a soacepeeking into the veranda is illustrated here, as a vase bedecked with warm colours sits atop a glass coffee table. There is an ideal contrast colours in this piece, as well as the arrangement of form and lines, making this one of the magnum opuses right off his Interior Still Life series. The focus of this piece lies on the right side, where a large red painting rests against the wall.