Lot 37 | 20 February 2022




LOT 37


B. China, 1917 – 1983

Fishing Village, 1960

Signed and dated “Soo Pieng, 60” on lower left

Oil on masonite board

50 x 70 cm

Private Collection, Singapore Formerly UK Collection

RM 250,000 – 420,000

An incessant innovator who never settle for an established style, Cheong Soo Pieng holds an array of works ranging of many art styles, series and mediums under his repertoire. Even in Fishing Village, he reflects a unique and very distinguished reconfiguration of a wondrous fishing village, incorporating brush strokes that leaves viewers’ feeling captivated and intrigued through his view. In lieu of painting realistic shapes and sceneries that people are so used to seeing, Soo Pieng preferred to depict them based on how he personally viewed the subjects. “Ane tu xi ane”, Soo Pieng reminded his students time and time again. It means ‘this is how things are’. It was his way of saying that one should always look at things in your own, unique way.