Lot 36 | Auction XV

LOT 36

(B. Sabah, 1956)

Iraga – Belatik Rapuh II, 2007

Signed, titled and dated on verso
Mixed media on canvas
204 x 173 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 118,000

Even without discovering the meaning and message behind Awang Damit, one is able to tell that this is a highly emotional piece, much like the rest of his works. That is what makes his paintings appealing in the first place, combined with the rare gift of artistry. The paintings speak to the viewer and makes them feel something – sadness, anger, bitterness or all combined. Those familiar with his works know that his works are always, always heavy with emotion, as if they carry the burden on one’s shoulders in canvas form. Bold and invasive, the colours may intimidate the viewer, but grows slowly on them, engaging them for as long as possible. It can be argued that Awang Damit’s works are elegiac. They do not have pretty colours nor are they paintings of flawless and fantastic dream realms. They are commanding, ruthless and stares back at the viewer, standing its ground firmly.

Awang Damit’s paintings can be considered to be an intellectual journey of sorts, as he progressed from his EOC Series into various others, constantly exploring, continuously learning and always expressing The NHB of Singapore has two pieces in their collection by Awang Damit Ahmad, namely ‘EOC II’ and ‘Nyanyian Petani Gunung’.