Lot 35 | Auction XXXIV


LOT 35


B. Melaka, 1955

Ratu Ayu Pertama Dewi No.3 & 4 , 2013

Signed “Ismail Latiff” on lower middle

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

48 x 48 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Singapore

RM4,500 – RM9,000


This piece seems to draw the viewers in, taking them to a faraway place filled with shimmery pearls as they look into the distance. His paintings seem therapeutic in a way, as they provide the viewers with a mysterious calmness. The canvas is adorned with pale earthy tones, they blend and mix as if in motion. Ismail Latiff is also a master at creating the perfect balance in his pieces, just like nature herself – there is nothing too much or too little about it.

Ismail Latiff is a Melaka-born artist who trained formally in arts at MARA Institute of Technology. His artworks of both the mystical and abstract kind are known locally and internationally. Having started off his career in advertising before switching to fine arts, his philosophy of life and work is “Art is Life and one of the best introduction to art is Nature.”