Lot 33 | 12 July 2020



LOT 33


B. Kedah, 1958

Nursiyah, 2015 – 17

Signed and dated on verso stretcher

Acrylic on canvas

120 x 100 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 38,000 – RM 55,000

Dato Sharifah Fatimah is not one to shy away from employing vibrant colours to her work. Her pieces resemble a unique discourse between man and nature, seeking solitude in the greens, blues and warm washes of red representing the various elements of flora and fauna. She exhibits the true matters of the heart, mind and soul, how the thought processes are never muted and never silent, always showing their garish colours deep within. It is a piece that says “although outside you may seem calm and collected, the inside is a different story”. This piece resonates vibrancy, liveliness and vivacity. It is done in her usual loud-on-loud and contrasting colours, featuring daring streaks, blocks and lines to handsomely frame the bold-coloured fragments and shapes.

As an artist that frequently uses her thoughts, emotions and feelings as substance for her abstract work, her artworks usually turn out to be a motley of aesthetic mayhem. Such as the matters of the heart and mind, it is never clear, rarely uncluttered and most definitely not immaculate. “We live our true lives in the depths of our hearts, not in the superficial masks of personality which we show to the world,” said Dato’ Sharifah.