Lot 32 | Auction XVII

LOT 32

(B. Johor, 1955)

The Perfumed Garden Series, 1994

Signed and dated “AHMAD ANWAR 94”
on lower right
Acrylic on paper
30 x 20 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

Hati & Jiwa, The Zain Azahari Collection VOL I
MALAYSIA coffee table book, pg. 318

RM 4,000 – RM 6,000

Strong, arresting and unpretentious” – those were the words that The Herald Tribune used to describe Zakii’s works.

Undoubtedly, the darkness and the mysteries of life have always held a certain appeal to them, and Zakii certainly does think so, as shown through his moody, deep and contemplative canvas.

His works are much coveted, and have always been known to be “loud” and almost forceful and compelling. This piece from the Still Life Series started with influences from the Orientalist techniques.

With an air of enigma and darkness teamed with a flair for the arts, Zakii created this masterpiece. “The concept of art-making has not changed for me,” said Zakii, “I need to get excited about a subject and “feel” it in order to paint it. The result must be subliminal, to reach a state of one-ness with whatever that I’m going to create.” In this piece, he showcases shapes and forms and antiques, to celebrate times gone by.