Lot 30 | Auction XIX

LOT 30

B. Melaka, 1955

Tioman Deep Blue.. My Drovine, 2014

Signed and dated “Ismail Latiff” on lower right

Acrylic on canvas

71 x 152 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 24,000 – RM 36,000

Water landscapes have always been something that takes your breath away. The smooth, flowy movement and the light reflected off them is clearly something to behold. Ismail Latiff, creator of magical canvases, translates the formation of waves and ensuing collisions into a an art “dance”.

He captures the depth, the clarity of the water and very beautifully so that
the viewer is almost tempted to reach out to touch it, expecting to feel water enveloping their fingers. This paradisiacal piece is bathed in wonderful colours, resembling tiny, colourful fish swimming excitedly around a spot. Latiff’s canvases are truly what dreams are made of, and this piece is his direct interpretation and rendition of the crystal waters cascading over Tioman Island.

Ismail Latiff is a Melaka-born artist who trained formally in arts at MARA Institute of Technology. His artworks of both the mystical and abstract kind are known locally and internationally. Having started off his career in advertising before switching to fine arts, his philosophy of life and work is “Art is Life and one of the best introduction to art is Nature.”