Lot 30 | 28 August 2022




LOT 30


B. China, 1936 – 2019

Writing, 1983 (Edition 44/50)

Signed Cheung Yee and dated 1983 (lr), numbered 44/50 (ll), inscribed as titled (lc)

Embossed paper

85 x 59 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 3,500 – RM 7,000

Born in 1936 in Guangzhou, China, Cheung Yee thrived as a painter and sculptor with his incredible skill of producing works which encapsulate the olden times. He is wellknown for being the pioneer of incorporating Chinese elements in western art forms. Not only is he a notable artist whose eminent artworks are extraordinarily distinct, he is also very highly respected as he has mentored many of Hong Kong’s aspiring artists, having been the professor of fine art at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Cheung’s touch may seem simple but behind the simplicity are intricate carvings of archaic forms and cryptic symbols which illustrates various narratives. Be it an ancient Chinese poem of a distant past, writings, story-telling figurines of legends, engraved fortune telling tortoises or I-Ching hexagram patterns, it is these profound features that sets him apart from other artists, drawing the attention of art aficionados. This too is seen in his Writing, Edition 44/50 art piece.