Lot 26 | Auction XVI

LOT 26

(B. Selangor, 1974)

Harbour Scene, 1999

Signed and dated “Raf99” on lower right
Watercolour on paper
9 x 20.5 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 933

“What initially intrigues the tentative viewer of Nik Rafin’s paintings, is the vibrancy of the colours that the artist has chosen to speak for his feelings. No tablet or computer screen viewed JPEG, or four-colour print reproduction, is able to fully satisfy that sight, orcapture the sheer beauty of the work of art as you gaze wistfully before it. Catalogues and brochures, as important as they are, and as expansive and informative as they are, cannot compete with being face to face with a work of art. This is true of meeting an object, soon to be desired, in an adroit artisan temple set aside for such adoration.” – Martin Bradley Nik Rafin is an entrepreneur, an artist, a photographer and a happily-married man now. He runs his own gallery, Rafin Art Gallery, while also still focusing on his career as one of the best artists of his generation and beyond. His paintings are a reflection of the scenes and subjects that he captures through his camera lens, reinterpreted and reproduced in painting form with added emotions. Some of the subjects of his works include wildlife and sceneries, with some done in sketches and some done in watercolour. Nik Rafin has also produced abstract paintings with his Escape series, a personal interpretation of how a person feels when escaping from negative emotions.