Lot 26 | Auction XV

LOT 26

(B. Johor, 1963)

Interior 92/1, 1992

Signed and dated “Mastura 92” on lower right
Gallery label attach on verso
Mixed media collage on board
67 x 94 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 14,160

She was involved with the Malay-Islamic revivalist movement of the 1980s and had returned to her Malay roots to find her artistic influences. Her paintings, filled with a Malay flavour and essentialism, derive their inspiration from the decorative art impulses of the Malay-Islamic cultural contexts. Her paintings also revealed syncretic tendencies in the use of Western aerial perspective and foreshortening effects, in order to highlight the spatial ambience of her interior views of Malay traditional houses, albeit somewhat metamorphosised, by her overt concerns with ornamentation and decorative effects.

Mastura Abdul Rahman is a younger generation woman artist and was trained at the ITM School of Art and Design as a fine artist. Her works, like Fatimah Chik’s, reflect the new decorative impulses that have emerged within Malaysian art. Mastura is also interested in researching the process of her artistic developments. She began using multimedia in her works in 2000, mixing audio, video and animated photographic pictures in her multimedia installations.