Lot 24 | Auction XVII

LOT 24

(B. Singapore, 1934-2001)

Conical Form, 1985

Clay sculpture with an impressed seal of the artist
Height 56.5 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 14,000 – RM 24,000

Sculpture — the creation of solid forms occupying, invading space, the imaginative transformation of inert matter into semblances of life — has fascinated Ng Eng Teng from the very beginning.

Dubbed the Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture, Ng Eng Teng was born in Singapore in 1934. After training his painting skills under the mentorship of Georgette Chen and Liu Kang, he went on to study ceramics in England. Upon his return, he began to actively and creatively produce large sculptures, most of which became notably famed such as Wealth, Mother and Child and The Explorer. These sculptures are still displayed in public spaces in Singapore. A recipient of Singapore’s Cultural Medallion Award and ASEAN’s Cultural Award for Visual Arts, he believed in free creation and education.

In this piece, he creates a poetic, elegant and fluid piece that speaks of sophistication and simplicity. It is a search for metaphor and meaning as well as formal originality.