Lot 18 | Auction XXI

LOT 18

B. Indonesia, 1921-1982

Balinese Maidens

Signed “HASIM” on lower right

Oil on canvas

66 x 46 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Canada

RM 3,000 – RM 6,000

This enchanting piece of the life and tradition as well as the charm of Bali is a showcase of Hasim’s artistry.

The scene is gloriously beautiful, as the viewer watches as  young ladies going about their daily lives. As tradition and rusticity has it, these women are topless and have bedecked their lower halves with sarongs.

The element of Romanticism is palpable here, and due to the expert, smooth blending of the muted yet luminescent colours, there is most certainly a feeling of classic art, fantasy and mystery.
This painting is rich and filled with depth and truly something superb to behold.