Lot 18 | 6 September 2020


LOT 18


B. Sabah, 1956

Marista Sisa Semusim IV, 1996

Signed and dated on lower right

Mixed media on canvas

135 x 120 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 40,000 – RM 75,000

The title hints at what this painting might be about. Different shapes and forms are scattered all over the canvas, with a space largely consisting of the colour grey takes precedence over the rest of the objects. Those familiar with Awang Damit’s work are provided with the knowledge that his works are inspired by his memories, most of which are scattered, symbolic and garlanded with numerous emotions. Even this series, dubbed ‘Marista’ means “to talk about the past” in Brunei’s Malay language. This is a piece about broken and lost memories, one that is strewn around a grey area, as bits and pieces only remain.