Lot 17 | Auction XXIV


LOT 17

B. Kedah, 1948

Golden Earth 2, 1991

Acrylic and modelling paste

50 x 40 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur
Exhibited at SHARIFAH FATIMAH SYED ZUBIR BARAKBAH, TOUCH THE EARTH Solo Exhibition (18 June – 3 July 1992) held at Balai Seni Menara Maybank Kuala Lumpur

RM 4,000 – RM 7,000


After her visit to the Petra ruins in Amman, Jordan, she was thus inspired and began working actively on her Earth Series. An ode to human civilisation and prehistory, she uses modelling paste for the texture effect. The entire composition mimics that of ancient ruins if viewed aerially, and the low intensity of the colours mixing with the bright milieu creates depth. Heavy bands are present at the top and bottommost part of the image, framing this masterwork handsomely.

Dato’ Sharifah was a former student of UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA), Malaysia, Reading
University in England and Pratt Institute in the United States respectively. Whilst curating at the National Art Gallery in 1982 for seven years, she was awarded the Salon Malaysia Competition’s Major Award and the Minor Award in the Young Contemporary Artists Competition as well.