Kubis and Kale

From Farm to Pokebowl

By Hiranmayii Awli Mohanan


Newly set up in the bustling locale of Subang, Kubis and Kale welcomes health enthusiasts and those who relish scrumptious fare. The high ceiling, sprawling space, glass windows, greenery and friendly faces are what make this local haunt charming. The relaxed ambience inspires playful banter with a group of friends over wholesome poke bowls.

With a philosophy of cooking from scratch using whole, nutritious seasonal ingredients, sourced from local farmers and suppliers, the restaurant uses carbon vegetables, which are clean, nutritious and safe. They are so-called because they are grown using the carbon regenerative farming method, which is chemicide-free and improves the nutritional benefits of vegetables, – thus purveying only the best for its customers.

Kubis and Kale goes the extra mile by working with famed dietician, Indra Balaratnam to bring patrons a medley of curated ingredients that are good for the body and soul – making them a formidable contender in the poke bowl game. The scrumptiousness offered here cr atesan avenue for people to eat healthy without having to sacrifice on indulgence.

On the menu, the trendy poke bowl reigns – with a multitude of bases, protein, vegetables and sauces to choose from. It’s ingenious that they remain with the times yet have its core firmly planted in healthy eating. While the backbone of the menu is dictated by vegetables to cater to the growing demographics of vegans and vegetarians, it also retains the optional helpings of seafood or poultry. Substantiating the appeal to vegetarians and vegans, Kubis and Kale has brought forth three new lines and they are the poke bowl, cooked dishes and vegan superfood.

Poke bowl has remained appealing to date for its ability to be customised over a selection of bases namely brown rice, soba noodles or quinoa, choice protein and sauces. The homemade sauces come in a variety; each concoction designed to elevate what is already intrinsically delicious. Our pick for the poke bowl was one we customised to our palate – a brown rice base with a centre of spicy chilli flake prawns, enveloped by pesto carrots, sweet potatoes, pico de gallo, bonito flakes and falafel. We paired this beautiful ensembled bowl with roasted ginger sauce to kick it up a notch.

What arrived next was another curated bowl, one that was robust in colour and ingredients. It featured kaffir lime-marinated salmon chunks for protein, surrounded by edamame, seaweed flakes, pineapples, Japanese cucumbers, lettuce, chuka wakame, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. This, we paired with a ghost sauce for a juxtaposition of light yet rich flavours – an enriching, delectable bowl of comfort.


Address: Kubis & Kale, Lot 2 & 4, Ground Floor, Jalan PJS 11/5,
                 Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya.


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