Have An In-crab-dible Chinese New Year


Have an In-crab-dible Chinese New Year

at Garage 51




Garage 51 took Kuala Lumpur by storm with their decadent, over-the-top, utterly addictive milkshakes. Since then, they have been brewing more than just milkshakes. Rather, they have an extensive menu that screams EAT ME! On top of that, great attention is paid to the presentation of both their libations and fare, making it irresistible to take pictures in their edgy and industrial interior.


This Chinese New Year, something crabtastic comes your way as Garage 51 collaborates with Mister Potato’s limited edition chilli crab flavour and introduces five alluring and flavoursome dishes, all inspired by the potato crisps.


New Year Salad with Plum Sauce and Crushed Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps

This is truly an inspired dish. Garage 51’s healthy rendition of the Yee Sang is a medley of sweet and zesty flavours owed to the plum sauce, fruits and vegetables.


Soft Shell Crab Burger Crusted with Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps

The pairing of soft shell crab and mister potato chilli crab crisps is a match made in heaven and that chemistry translates through its tastes. Sandwiched between charcoal buns, this mighty burger and its bewitching flavours will make you forget about other burgers altogether.


Soft Shell Crab Rice Bowl crusted with Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps, Shimeji mushrooms, Onsen egg and homemade sauce.

Rice bowl is our ultimate comfort food, so it didn’t take much convincing for us to be floored by this dish. The crispness of the soft shell crab is owed to the chilli crab crisps and when amalgamated with the onsen egg, Shimeji mushroom and slathered with a homemade sauce, it resultes in ambrosial flavours that last forever.


Garage Pao available in Chicken or Pulled Hoisin Smoked Duck

Presented in a bamboo steamer, patrons can choose from fried chicken or pulled hoisin smoked duck enveloped in a pao. We recommend the latter for its succulent yet tender meat and its sweet-smoky flavour.


Garage Fried Chicken Crusted with Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps

The Garage fried chicken is one of their bestsellers, so when they encrust it with the chilli crab crisps, it thrusts this dish to new exquisite heights.


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