Gami Chicken

By Agnes Aui

Back in the days, KFC would tend to represent Kentucky Fried Chicken, a well- known fried chicken joint when we were younger. However, KFC today would most likely represent Korean Fried Chicken, a cuisine that has become a hit nationwide and proved that it’s here to stay.

One of the best places to indulge in authentic Korean fried chicken is Gami Chicken. You’d be surprised to know that Gami Chicken actually started out in Australia and not in Korea. That’s right. And what makes Gami Chicken delectable is the originality and authenticity of its recipe that includes the finest of traditional flavours.

Of course, a must-try at Gami Chicken is the Gami Fried Chicken, all of which are served with green salad and pickled radish. You can also choose the flavours of your fried chicken, with options like original fried, sweet chilli, soy garlic and spicy. If you’re with a large group, opt for the whole chicken, boneless chicken or the Gami wings. You can also add on extra sauce on the side with flavours like sweet chilli, soy garlic, spicy and honey mustard.

If you prefer something other than fried chicken, look to the Gami Delights section, where options like spicy seafood soup, seafood pancake, spicy chicken fried rice, potato heaven and tteok bok ki will tickle your taste buds. Whatever your choice may be, rest assured that your dining experience here will have you coming back for more.


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