g. by forest bean

Imaginative Fare

By Hiranmayii Awli Mohanan

Crossing its threshold to a minimalistic, grey-hued interior, g.by forest bean, a neighbourhood cafe in the township of Kota Kemuning is so designed to highlight its fare. While the journey to this hidden gem could prove quite the drive, the food makes it all worth it.

Established by a group of friends whose dream was to open a neighbourhood cafe, g.by forest materialised, offering great
fare, quality ingredients and masterful cooking. It is steered by a head chef whose stint in Japan armed him with more than two decades worth of experience, which is reflected through imaginative creations such as the Udon Asam Laksa.

What to Order:

Start with the brunch item — FB Egg Benedict, the epitome of fusion which sees an onsen tamago on a bed of homemade English muffin, topped with chicken rendang, spinach and hollandaise sauce. While an acquired taste for some, we simply loved the unlikely pairing of the flavourful chicken rendang and the classic hollandaise dressing.

The mains came in a fluid flow, starting with the Tori, served in a cast iron skillet featuring grilled chicken teriyaki beautifully placed on a bed of garlic fried rice, onsen tamago, scallions, nori and lotus root — an exquisite taste of home. The Sanuki Udon was another representation of East-meets-West, showcasing the matrimony of Japanese udon and Italian aglio olio preparation, garnished with dried chilli and seaweed. Humble in appearance, this dish made us throw caution (and diet) to the wind.

Another eclectic noodle dish we relished in was the Udon Asam Laksa, brimming with authenticity and deliciousness. Fusing Malaysian and Japenese characteristics, this dish is the best of both worlds, laden with onsen egg, fish tempura, pineapple and onion. Alternatively, for those who enjoy the classic carbs, the Crab Meat Pasta is a must, coated in garlic, chilli flakes, ebikko, crab meat and parsley.

We can foresee the Salmon Steak as a hit with the crowd. After all, this inherently delicious fish can do no wrong, right? Here’s another twist for you — a slab of salmon steak is marinated in herbs, grilled and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. It’s served with homemade kimchi and mashed carrots — a well-executed fusion.

The pizzas are as appetising as they sound, especially the Ayam Rendang pizza which grants this Italian staple a robust, Malaysian rendition. Perfect to share, the homemade dough becomes a bed for traditional ayam rendang, tomato paste, lots of mozarella cheese just the way we like it and lotus roots add a slight crunch.

For dessert, the vibrant colour of the homemade Lychee Rose Cake will definitely uplift your mood and marks a sweet end to your meal. Another dessert we love is the Lemon Poppy Seed Cake — the perfect balance of citrusy and sweet flavours.


Address: The Farm Foodcraft *Healthy *pork-free
                 g.by forest bean, Lot 1-9-1, No 14, Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla,
                 Sinaran 1, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam.

Tel:          019-322-0978

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