Macanese Table Special Menu

By Jacqueline Benita Paul


The Portuguese colonials in the mid-16th century had their hands full. Establishing settlements in countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Macau. The diaspora gave birth to one of the oldest culinary fusions known today as Macanese (Macau-Portuguese) cuisine. Melding together Portuguese recipes and Cantonese ingredients, the 450-year-old culinary tradition has garnered interests from foodies across the globe.

In 2017, Macau’s position as a culinary mecca was further cemented through the Creative City of Gastronomy (UCCG) status awarded by UNESCO, being one of only three cities in China to be conferred this prestigious title. While we were ready to hop on a plane to visit the highly buzzed about holiday destination, we decided to head over to Fat Tea Macanese Food to experience the special menu which was created in collaboration with the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO).

We started off with Fat Tea’s Macao Pork Chop Sliders, which we enjoyed, throughly. The sliders were a mix of sweet and savoury with a hickory finish. The tender and juicy pork chop just did not need any more frills or seasoning. We moved on to the next course with heightened expectations. Minchi is the equivalent to Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak, some might argue. Personally, my argument is that the dish looks a lot like homemade stir-fried minced pork from a Chinese household. After tasting it, I realised that I was not far off the mark. The Macanese Table version added its own twist to the dish by placing the rice on top instead of the upend version. The combination of the steamed rice, minced pork seasoned with soy sauce, Worcester sauce, white pepper and other ingredients would remind one of home in each bite. There is a lot of love and care that go into the preparation to produce such rich yet comforting flavours.

Serradura (Sawdust Pudding) marked the end of our Macanese Table experience. The profile of the dessert is similar to having a Tiramisu in a cup eschew the espresso or caffeine. We also found the dish to be an excellent palate cleanser, leaving us invigorated and refreshed to take on the day. Thanks to the Macanese Table Special Menu preview, we knew what we were missing. It’s a shame that Malaysia only has one Macanese restaurant but fortunately with the affordable flight rates, Macau is next on our destination list.

For a limited time, there will be a promotional dinner menu (RM42++) available from 4 June 2019 till 28 June 2019, from Tuesdays to Fridays at Fat Tea Macanese Food Restaurant.


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