Flavours We Know and Love – with Some Surprises

By Crystal Chong

In the up-and-coming community of The Hub SS2 is a bicycle with a basketful of hydrangea.

If you spot it out, it means DuJour’s doors are open, so head on in and let the warm lights, soft, cushioned seats and calming wooden accents make you feel at home.

DuJour means “of the day” in French, and the name refers to how the food here is made fresh every day, with seasonings and sauces all made in-house.

A highlight of our lunch was the Nasi Kerabu Kelantan, a family recipe from Izreen, the head chef. The beautiful blue of the rice comes from bunga telang (butterfly pea flowers) picked fresh from her garden, with the work of art accompanied by tender ayam percik (chicken slathered with rich coconut gravy), ulam (traditional salad of herbs and vegetables), kerisik (toasted grated coconut with fish) and salted egg. Here’s a tip: mix everything up, add a dash of chilli sauce and as you take a mouthful, savour the firework of flavours.

Another interesting dish is the Beef Rendang Carbonara, which combines two Malaysian favourites – fragrant rendang (meat stewed in coconut milk and spices) and the epitome of comfort food, creamy spaghetti carbonara.

If you’re craving a homey meal from the West, go for the Honey Roast Chicken – juicy thigh served with mashed potatoes, crisp greens and a side of pan juices as gravy. We also found ourselves going for seconds with the Butter Croissant, filled to the brim with tangy Pulled Chicken and Yoghurt.

However, what made us (almost) jump in joy, were the desserts – a decadent dark chocolate tart, a lemon bar giving the perfect blend of sweet and sour, a warm bread and butter pudding, served with rich, handcrafted vanilla bean ice cream, and an espresso crème brûlée, giving the best of both worlds – your daily dose of caffeine in a dessert!

We also had the Lemongrass Bunga Telang Cooler, a refreshing antidote to a hot day. Take a moment to savour the signature blue of the flower blending into the drink, before taking a sip to taste the fresh pandan syrup giving a natural sweetness and the lemongrass, giving a touch of its distinctive citrusy flavour.

Beyond the daily menu, DuJour also has specials ever be sure to look out for them.


Address: DuJour *Local and international cuisine *Casual dining *Muslim-friendly
                 B-G-01 and B-M-01, The Hub yen 19,
                 Jalan Harapan, Petaling Jaya

Tel:         03-7931 3717

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