Cover Story May 2021



The Best of Local Designers and Their Collections

By Hiranmayii Awli Mohanan

As we continue to face uncertainties for the foreseeable future and Raya celebrations looking different this year, this doesn’t mean we can’t get glammed up for the festivity. If you’ve yet to secure arguably the most important element of Raya — shopping for the perfect baju, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find about our local designers and their Eid collection.

This year, Fern Batik Collective presents The Orchid Series for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Inspired by a picture of beautiful Necklace orchid blooms a while ago, it quickly became the design inspiration and batik block motif for this collection. Beautiful colours ranging from pastel to more vivid colours such as deep plum in the Alta Wrap Dress exudes elegance, femininity and beauty, just like an orchid.

Alia Bastamam’s Eid 2021 exudes elegance, sophistication and demureness. For a renewed Eid season unlike any other, Alia Bastamam introduced 19 looks in a collection that breathes fresh vigour with five new designs and 14 revivals. “It’s our brand’s 10th anniversary, so in commemoration, I’ve revived some of my signature designs from over the past decade,” a subtle sense of pride beams from within Alia. “These looks may ring a bell and hopefully bring back some good memories, too.” The inspiration behind the collection comes from reviving Alia’s past designs and remaking them for the contemporary world.

Syomirizwa Gupta presents “The Ampang Girls” as the theme for this year’s Aidilfitri collection. Thefamed designer and brand pays tribute and takes inspiration from the early days of Ampang where its history is closely intertwined with that of Kuala Lumpur. The collection boasts 10 new designs ranging from traditional and modern baju kurung, kebaya, the ever popular kaftan, baju Kedah and other separates that could easily be paired with any other items in your wardrobe. Known for its signature use of vibrant colours and prints, this collection is of no exception.

The theme of Melinda Looi’s Raya 2021 collection, named Kawan is a celebration of friends who have stood by us over the years and who we know will continue to be there whenever we need them. Vivid colours on cotton are married with taffeta, lace, cotton voile and tenun, and brought to life with vibrant batik prints as well as motifs borrowed from Malaysia’s cultural melting pot. Adding to the mélange, Melinda has infused the Malay/Baba Nyonya/Borneo- inspired look with delectable prints of our favourite foods — nasi lemak, kuih lapis and even the iconic biscuit tin!

Khoon Hooi evokes nostalgia through its Raya 2021 collection, with a focus on the kebaya. Melding artistry, tradition and grace, the collection features 10 looks that come in different silhouettes and a juxtaposition of colours and materials. In addition, you might be interested in Khoon Hooi’s capsule collection that injects oriental inspirations into traditional influences with the likes of Japanese kimono-inspired sleeves, Mandarin band collars, and jade buttons.


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