BOTOX® injections are effective but they’re also surprisingly versatile. They’re often used for crow’s feet or laughter lines and also to treat horizontal forehead wrinkles. Yet with careful and expert application, they can also be used to create a lifted, defined and arched eyebrow.

This is a great rejuvenation treatment, but also ideal for those that are looking to accentuate their beautiful brows and open up the eye area. It can help to create a more curved eyebrow.

Rather than focusing on reducing wrinkles, by strategically placing the Botox on the forehead, our practitioners can help you to create a beautifully arched brow without surgery and without makeup.

Why would I want Browtox?

As we age, many of our facial features venture south. This also happens to the eyebrows.

The eyes are one of the most important features on the face when it comes to beauty and youth. Browtox can help restore a youthful and groomed look by ‘opening up’ the area. It’s a slight and subtle movement which can actually make a big difference

Eyebrows are an extremely expressive part of the face. If they are too droopy or uneven people tend to worry that they aren’t expressing the right emotions. For example, looking angry all the time when they want to look happy.

What does it do?

After the Browtox settles in it can help to both lift and smooth out the surrounding skin.This can help with many things from correcting a droopy and uneven brow to making foundation apply better to the area.

Why is Browtox better than surgery?

Fast results – Do not need to wait weeks for swelling to go down, just 3-4 days until the Botox kicks in.

Not permanent – Results will fade.

Minimal pain – Needles are thin which makes it less painful than threading or waxing.

No downtime – Can have the procedure done in your lunch break.

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