Best Chocolates in the Biz

Welcome to a world where cocoa dreams come true and delectable fantasies unfold. Prepare to embark on a tantalising journey through the realm of artisanal chocolates, where passion, skill, and creativity unite to craft edible works of art. As you step into this chocolate wonderland, close your eyes and inhale the rich aroma that dances through the air. The air is filled with whispers of cacao, each bean delicately nurtured and carefully selected to create the most divine chocolate experiences. Picture an army of master chocolatiers, their hands choreographing an enchanting ballet with pots, pans, and moulds. With precision and finesse, they blend silky-smooth ganaches, infuse flavours that dance on your taste buds, and sculpt exquisite shapes that will make your heart skip a beat. Behold the kaleidoscope of colours that adorn the chocolate canvas—a symphony of vibrant hues that entice your eyes and tease your senses. From velvety dark chocolate with hints of wild berries to milk chocolate kissed by the sun’s warmth, these edible gems promise an adventure for your palate like no other. In conjunction with International Chocolate Day, we bring you the city’s artisanal chocolates below.

There’s no one that does chocolate with such finesse like Godiva does. Nearly 100 years after being founded in Brussels, Godiva continues to honour its Belgian roots by ensuring that every piece of GODIVA chocolates bursts with quality, Belgian craftsmanship and the world’s finest ingredients. Created in 1926 in Brussels by Pierre Draps and further established by Pierre’s son Joseph Draps, GODIVA Chocolatier became one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world. The recipes of the founder and unique chocolate-making process remain the secrets of GODIVA quality, leading to GODIVA’s appointment as official supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium. This luxury chocolate brand doles out a plethora of delicious chocolate treats, from chocolate truffles, chocolate domes to chocolate Carré and their velvety, decadent chocolate soft serve.


Founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido, a utopia of mountains, sparkling water and fresh air, ROYCE’ has crafted confectionaries brimming with flavour and bursting with originality since 1983. ROYCE’ creates chocolate rich in aromas, flavours and textures which appeal to all the five senses, pairing the world’s finest cocoa beans, nuts and liqueurs together with Hokkaido’s bounteous wheat, sugar and dairy products. They feature everything you want and need from melt-in-the-mouth Nama chocolates, chocolate wafers to Prafeuille and Amand chocolates. In honour of White Day this March 14, Royce has launched a White Delight range with a wide selection of white chocolates, including the best-selling Nama chocolate, ‘Mild White’.


Chocolate Concierge
Made locally and freshly crafted within days, Chocolate Concierge is the ultimate spot go to for high-quality handmade chocolates. This small batch tree-to-bar chocolate maker is committed to sharing the unique flavours of the Malaysian single origin. The chocolates are made with cocoa beans that are traceable, environmentally sensitive and sustainable. Truly, there’s no better chocolates to get yourself and your loved ones. Try the seasonal bon bons featuring local and classic flavours, alongside sugar-free bon bons for a guilt- free indulgence. You can also opt for the chocolate bars or brittles and barks, all of which feature decadent dark chocolate.

Seniman Kakao
Established in 2015, Seniman Kakao’s mission is to highlight Malaysian cocoa and bring them to international level. It works with several passionate farmers around Malaysia and has invested in every aspect of cocoa from growing, harvesting, fermenting and the final product itself, which is the chocolate. Seniman Kakao’s origin includes single origin and inclusion, the former made from 72% cocoa spanning Melaka, Pahang and Perak. The inclusion range as it indicates are delicious combinations, including 76% Cacao with Nibs, 72% Cacao with Coffee and 72% Cranberry and Almond.


Truffle Chocolate Malaysia (TCM)
Caffeinees Group officially launched their new venture, Truffle Chocolate Malaysia (TCM), offering a minimalistic yet decadently delicious and slightly sinful range of handcrafted truffle nama chocolates, spreads and soft serves. The silky and creamy artisanal chocolates are made with carefully sourced premium Italian truffles, 80% local dark chocolate cocoa and topped with pure 24-karat edible gold leaves. Handmade daily in limited quantities, each bite of the truffle-flavoured solid chocolate ganache coated with cocoa powder is richly satisfying as it simply melts in your mouth. Alongside the pure Truffle Nama Chocolates, there is also the hot selling Truffle Nama Chocolate with Macadamia and Truffle Chocolate Nougat. The cocoa is sustainably sourced from only the top of Malaysia’s cocoa crops from farmers who share the same passion for quality and craftsmanship so that you may enjoy the true rich flavours and complex characteristics of the natural cacao while the truffles are imported from reputable and carefully selected Italian gourmet suppliers. This is also part of Truffle Chocolate Malaysia’s vision to be recognised internationally as the top truffle chocolate maker and to promote Made in Malaysia products.


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