Bean Brothers

For Comfort Food and a Good Cuppa

By Hiranmayii Awli Mohanan


The success of Bean Brothers’ lagship café in Sunway amansara, prompted the brand to open its second outlet at The Linc KL. Differing from the cavernous interior of the first Bean Brothers café, the one at The Linc KL possesses its own personality, from its bright, sprawling space to ubiquitous placements of verdure, creating a humble oasis in the middle of the city.


Bean Brothers first and foremost, identifies itself as a coffee roasting company that offers specialty coffee. There are four different coffees to choose from, two being signature blends and the other two are its  monthly single-origin coffee. The former offers two varieties, the Black Suit blend and Velvet White blend. Both these blends have different characteristics where the Black Suit is bolder and nuttier in taste while the Velvet White leans towards floral and fruity. It’s important to note that the Black Suit is a blend of Brazilian and Columbian coffee while Velvet White is founded from Ethiopian beans.

These signature blends possess similar taste profiles throughout the year while the single origin changes every month. The reason behind this is that coffee is an agricultural produce, garnered from different parts of the world where it is harvested at different times— so it’s very seasonal in that sense. Bean Brothers receive fresh coffee beans on a monthly basis, subsequently undergoing quality and taste checks before presenting it to customers. Signature blends are served with the espresso machine while the single origins are open to different methods of coffee brewing such as aeropress, French press, V60, clever and these methods will highlight different characteristics of the coffee. We now have a new spot to enjoy a good cuppa. We found that the composition of our cappuccino was a perfect ratio of coffee to cream, contributing to a smooth taste.


The fare at Bean Brothers is every bit as comforting and good as its coffee, translating the personality of its chef and the essence of its brand. The menu here sees a simple, compact list of Western and Asian influences that are easy for customers to choose from.


You can’t go wrong with a Caesar salad. Bean Brothers’ interpretation of this famed dish replaces boiled egg with onsen egg and includes crunchy bits of smoked duck chips and grilled chicken. My colleague Eyda who detests anything green and healthy, found the salad appetising so that’s a testament to the quality and flavour of the Caesar salad.


This Asian noodle is simple, comforting and very flavourful. A secret sauce drenches the strings of noodle and sitting atop it is stir-fried minced chicken. Apparently, the secret sauce comprises more than 10 different ingredients. We don’t know what’s in the sauce but we can attest that the ingredients used contribute to a well-rounded, mouth- watering dish.


This was a first for us and certainly not the last. We could smell the aroma of the pasta even before it arrived. Al dente spaghetti was cooked with cumin and cream, boosted by piquancy from minced mutton, curry leaves and shavings of parmesan. It exuded beautiful flavours of mutton curry. Needless to say, we left the plate spotless.


From the big plates came the tomato clam stew. We can’t emphasise enough the comforting feelings a humble dish like this evoked. Whether shared with friends or indulged on a cheat day, the fresh flavour of the mussels was enhanced by the homemade tomato sauce amalgamated with white wine. To garnish, two crisp baguettes are placed on the side of the plate for dipping into the savoury sauce.



Address: Bean Brothers Café, The Linc KL, G-1, No.360, Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7733 5418

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